Ajerų Bread – 900g / 450 g

2.00 out of 5

The most popular Lithuanian dark rye scalded sourdough bread with caraway seeds. It is baked according to an ancient tradition on dried leaves of calamus (ajeras). The bread is renowned for its’ original recipe and its’ distinctive inimitable fragrance and rich malty flavour.

2.00 out of 5

1 review for Ajerų Bread – 900g / 450 g

  1. Aurelie Boucher
    2 out of 5

    Dear Amber Bakery,
    First of all we would like to phrase your nice very tasty looking website, definitely 5 stars for that. We and our friends/neighbours bought this wonderful bread for years, in our local shop, just as we did last time. This Ajeru bread always was our family’s favourite, as it always tasted so nice and moist, smelling so wonderful, so right, just as dark rye bread should taste! but not this time.. we bought it again just two weeks ago and none of us liked it; it’s completely different look, the colour was much lighter, the texture and taste was just so wrong.. and no wonderful smell either, so we are quite disappointed about this change, as it was our family’s and friends all time favourite. So we decided to write this review and to ask to bring back the quality to your traditional, best and beautiful bread, pease, do not compromise on quality, as us, consumers, do not mind to pay over two pounds for the bakery bread, as long as it’s decent and not compromised on quality. And we promise, next time we will definitely leave a good, appreciative review on here.
    Thank you.

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